About Us

JMC KONSTRUKT Aggregates Equipment and Designs, Incorporated

(short name: JMC KONSTRUKT) specializes in engineering services involving horizontal developments,

as well as structural, and its amenities. The company’s synergy of modern heavy equipment and technical expertise enables it to keep pace with the stringent and varied requirement of its ever expanding clientele. Responding to the manner by which the demands of construction developments has advanced throughout the years, JMC KONSTRUKT reacted with positive attitude and together with its fiery commitment of quality service, has continued to serve the market with high levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. From the moment of our integration, we see ourselves as your committed business partner with our HIGHLY SKILLED and MOTIVATED personnel forming a network of competent, service oriented, strategically focused and flexible team committed to satisfy the exacting needs of the global market.

The ever-increasing free market has defined competition to an even broader scale, in the process, putting more emphasis on effective service orientation and customer satisfaction. Integrating professionals with different levels of expertise, JMC KONSTRUKT aims to introduce innovative quality services to different sectors at large.


JMC’s Humble Beginnings…

During the past years, JMC KONSTRUKT has grown from one-product start-up business to a competitive quality service provider offering a complete solution in site developments from conceptualization to implementation. Heeding the call of the times, it now also caters to select clienteles for their vertical construction needs. From its early inception known then as Jalaro Marketing Corporation that specializes in heavy equipment importation and distribution, the company has evolved to what it is now and embraced a new identity, but retaining the same recipe of quality service and work dedication that our valued clients has grown to depend on, in order to meet head-on the different challenges the market has to offer.

Today, JMC KONSTRUKT boasts of a fleet of heavy equipment and is unwavering in its commitment to be the same company dedicated to customer satisfaction by constantly upgrading and continuously acquiring necessary equipment and tools to maintain the reputation that we are always renowned of, which is FAST and EFFICIENT service.

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Other Facts

Company Founded : December 2002

Employees : Approximately 80++

Services Offered : Site Developments
: Rental/ Leasing of Heavy Equipment
: Mining/ Quarrying Services
: Planning and Estimates
: Supply of Aggregates
: Technical Designs

Contact: (032) 406-8553 0917-3100310
(032) 406-8555 0917-7907552
Telefax: (032) 231-1718 0922-8063532